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McLaren Theft at Crown Melbourne Could Lead to Lawsuit

Crown Resorts here in Australia is not having the best time at the moment, with several legal issues. However, the bad news for Crown Resorts is getting worse, as a potential lawsuit is pending following the theft of a high-end sports car from Crown Melbourne. Recently, a gambler visited Crown Melbourne for a night of entertainment. However, when they tried to leave, they could not retrieve the McLaren 570S that had been parked by the casino’s Valet.

McLaren Stolen from Crown Melbourne

Crown Melbourne Valet Hands over Keys

The gambler in question did not own the McLaren, valued at around AU$500 000. Instead, it had been rented for the evening from Honeymoon Car Hire. Following an evening at Crown Melbourne Casino, the gambler attempted to retrieve the McLaren at 3 am. However, the car was no longer there.

The Valet told him that someone else had retrieved the vehicle. The other party had employee credentials and was handed the keys to the vehicle, even though the valet stub was still in possession of the driver.

Suing Crown Melbourne for McLaren Damages

As soon as they realized what had happened, the police were contacted about the theft. Honeymoon Car Hire worked with the police department and was able to use a vehicle tracker to determine the McLaren’s location. The police arrived on the scene and found a 43-year-old man in the driver’s seat. The man was arrested and charged with theft.

However, unfortunately for Honeymoon Car Hire, the car had suffered damage while in possession of the thief. The McLaren’s interior and the engine had both suffered damage. Now, Honeymoon Car Hire wants Crown Melbourne to pay for the damages. Should the resort disagree, there is likely to be a lawsuit.

An investigation is currently underway at Crown Melbourne to determine how this could have happened. Why did an employee hand over the keys to a very expensive car, despite its owner holding the valet stub.

Not First Car Stolen from Crown Melbourne

This isn’t even the first time something like this has happened at Crown Melbourne. In 2010, a Ferrari 430 Spyder was taken from the casino using similar methods. The thief walked up to an employee and asked for the keys at 01:30 am. The thief then drove to a nearby police station to report in, per bail conditions from a previous crime. They then got into the stolen Ferrari and drove off.