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Jean Gabriel | January 1, 2023 | Updated on: January 10th, 2023

Common Online Craps FAQs – Popular Craps Questions Answered

Online Craps is an exciting casino game where you roll the dice and stand a chance to win big! We’re answering all the most common Online Craps FAQs right here, to help new players better understand this exciting game. So, let’s dive in and answer all your burning questions about Craps.

Online Craps FAQs answered

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Most Popular Online Craps FAQs

Is Online Craps Rigged?

While we cannot speak for every single Online Craps game available on the Internet, we can guarantee that the Craps games available at our recommended casino sites are not rigged. They come from trusted developers and are regularly tested to ensure the Random Number Generators are fair and completely random. Make sure you only play Online Craps at safe and trusted casinos, like the sites recommended here.

Can I win real money playing Craps Online?

Yes, you certainly can! When playing Online Craps, you will be able to play for and win real money! As long as you play at a trusted casino, you are guaranteed a fair experience with a casino that will payout any winnings.

Does Online Craps favour the player?

No casino game truly favours the player. All games, including Online Craps, come with a house edge that gives the casino site a slight advantage. This ensures that, in the long run, the casino wins more money than it pays out. This is necessary for the casino remains profitable. Craps offers some bets with a very low house edge, giving players a really good chance to win.

How do I win playing Online Craps?

In order to win while playing Craps, you need to correctly bet on what you think the outcome of the dice roll will be. This can be betting on a single number, or a selection of numbers.

Can I try out Online Craps for free in Australia?

Our recommended online casinos allow their players to test out their casino games for free, including Online Craps. This will give you the chance to play Craps for free and learn the rules and how often certain bets win. Once you are comfortable playing, you can then switch over to betting for real money.

Do I have to roll the dice in Craps?

When playing Craps in a land-based casino, each player will be given the opportunity to be the shooter and roll the dice. However, you can decline if you want. When playing Online Craps, you will need to take on the role of the Shooter, but it is simply clicking the roll button to roll each round.

What does Hard-way mean when playing Craps?

This is a type of bet where you are wagering that the same number will appear on both dice, such as 4-4 or 2-2. This is a bet that can take place over multiple rolls, and you need to roll a double before the roll totals 7.

Where does the name Craps come from?

The name craps comes from the French Word ‘Crapaud’, which means Toad. When Craps first started to gain popularity in New Orleans, it got its name because players looked like toads squatting in the street while playing.

Can I make a living playing Online Craps?

Craps is not one of the casino games you can typically make a living off of. The random nature of the game means that your winnings are at the mercy of the dice. The bets that give you the best chance of winning, are also the bets with small payouts.

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