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Jean Gabriel | January 7, 2023 | Updated on: February 19th, 2024

Best Online Keno Casinos Australia

Play Online Keno for real money today at top casino sites in Australia. Online Keno is a lottery-style game of chance, where Aussie players will pick a set up numbers. The game will then draw numbers at random, and the more numbers the player guesses, the more they win. Keno comes with various game versions, themes, and different betting requirements.

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Top Casinos Offering Keno in Australia

best australian casino sites

$10,000 BONUS

99% Payout

Rating: 4.5/5

99% Payout

$10,000 BONUS 99% Payout - Rating: 4.5/5

$3,000 BONUS + 100 FS

98% Payout

Rating: 4.2/5

98% Payout

$3,000 BONUS + 100 FS 98% Payout - Rating: 4.6/5

Up to $4000 + 200 FS

97% Payout

Rating: 4.2/5

97% Payout

Up to $4000 + 200 FS 97% Payout - Rating: 4.6/5

100% up to $2000 + 200 FS

98% Payout

Rating: 4.2/5

98% Payout

100% up to $2000 + 200 FS 98% Payout - Rating: 4.6/5

$6,750 BONUS

98% Payout

Rating: 4.2/5

98% Payout

$6,750 BONUS 98% Payout - Rating: 4.6/5

$500 BONUS

98% Payout

Rating: 4.2/5

98% Payout

$500 BONUS 98% Payout - Rating: 4.6/5

Best Online Keno Variations

When it comes to playing Keno Online, players will often find several game variations. We’re not talking about the different themes, as there will be far more of those, but variations on the game itself. Typically, in order to find Keno at an online casino in Australia, you will need to navigate to the Specialty Games tab.

There you will find all the Keno versions on offer. Some of the most popular Online Keno versions you will find in Australia.

  • Traditional Keno – The traditional version of Online Keno allows players to choose from a pool of 80 numbers. The game will draw 20 winning numbers at random.
  • 40-Ball Keno – This is a smaller version of the game. Instead of an 80-number pool, there are just 40 numbers. The number of winning numbers is also reduced to 10.
  • Super/Power Keno – This version of Keno follows the same basic rules as traditional Keno, with 80 numbers to choose from and 20 winning numbers. However, it comes with an extra bonus number. If you can choose this bonus number correctly, it will multiply your winnings.
  • Video Keno – Video Keno is more of a general category that can include all versions we’ve mentioned. Video Keno is categorized by having more advanced visuals and more animations to make the experience more exciting.

Online Keno Rules

Online Keno is one of the easiest casino games to play. It is a lottery-style casino game where players pick their numbers and hope they get lucky. Depending on the version of Keno you are playing, players can pick up to 20 numbers and potentially a bonus number as well. The more numbers you pick, the larger your bet will be and the more you stand to win.

Best online keno casinos australia

Once you have finished making your selection, the game will randomly select the winning numbers. Your payout is determined by how many winnings you managed to select.

How to play Online Keno in Australia

We’ve created this step-by-step guide to help you through your first few games if you want to try out Keno for the first time.

  • Step 1 – Check out our list of recommended Australian Casino Sites and find one that offers players Online Keno. Sign up and create your account.
  • Step 2 – Once you have created your account, it is time to fund it. Head over to the Cashier section and select the most convenient deposit option. Make your deposit and wait for the funds to clear in your account. This shouldn’t take more than a minute or so.
  • Step 3 – Once the funds have cleared, head over to the Specialty Games section and choose one of the Keno versions to play.
  • Step 4 – Once the game loads in, select your numbers. Some versions will allow players to choose more numbers than others.
  • Step 5 – The game will now choose the winning numbers. The more winning numbers you correctly selected, the bigger your payout.

Online Keno Tips and Tricks

Playing Online Keno for Real Money is a game of picking your numbers and hoping you get lucky. There’s really nothing you can do to improve your odds of winning. However, we do have a list of tips and tricks you can use when playing real money keno online. Using these tips will help make your keno experience as good as possible.

  • One tip recommended by many experienced Keno players is to make a selection of numbers and keep selecting them. Players can then see if any numbers are coming up often and tweak their selection. While this won’t guarantee winnings, it might help.
  • When you choose an online keno game, make sure you have a look at the paytable. This will tell you how many numbers you need to guess correctly to receive a payout.
  • When choosing a keno casino, check and see if you can find a Welcome Bonus that can be used when playing Keno. This will help boost your bankroll and help you play more rounds.
  • As with any gambling, it is important to set yourself a budget when playing Online Keno. Because this is a game of luck and choosing random numbers, you can lose a lot of rounds at times. Do not chase your losses. If you run out of budget, stop playing.
  • Always remember that this is a game of luck, no different from playing the lotto. There is no way to determine what numbers are going to be drawn and no way to improve your odds. Just choose your numbers, have fun, and wait for lady luck!

Mobile Keno Australia

Our recommended online keno casinos in Australia have all embraced the modern Mobile Gambling trends in the industry. They have all spent considerable time making sure their selection of casino games, including Keno, work perfectly on a wide range of mobile devices. Whether you’re on Apple or Android, you will be treated to an amazing Mobile Keno Experience.

Real Money Keno Online in Australia

There will be no need to download any casino software in most cases, as you can log into your casino account via your mobile device’s web browser. You might find some Keno apps on Google’s Play Store or the Apple iStore, but most of these will not permit real money gambling.

Registering at an Online Keno Casino

If you want to start playing Online keno for real money in Australia, you will need to begin by getting signed up at a top Australian Casino site. All top casinos will also allow players to test out their Keno games for free. While you won’t be able to win any real money, this is a great way to get a feel for the game.

Be sure to check out the Welcome Bonuses at any casinos you are considering. These can give you a big boost to your bankroll when you first sign up. If you’ve never looked into playing at an online casino before, we’re going to take you through the process of creating your account. While each casino might be slightly different, the basics will be the same.

  • Step 1 – Decide which casino you want to sign up at. Look through our list of recommended casino sites and choose one that appeals to you. Be sure if offers Keno.
  • Step 2 – Click on the Play Now button on the casino review or our table to go straight to the site.
  • Step 3 – Click on the button to register. This will likely be labeled Register or Sign Up
  • Step 4 – Fill in all the required information to create your account. This will include your name, contact details, and a password for your account.
  • Step 5 – Once you have created your account, you will need to deposit funds if you want to play Real Money Keno. Head over to the cashier and select your deposit option. Make sure to claim any Welcome Offers you want to.
  • Step 6 – Most online casinos will also require some identity verification. You can do this when you make your first withdrawal, or you can do it now. You will need to provide proof of residence, some official identification, and some banking information.

Keno Online FAQs