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Jean Gabriel | January 13, 2023 | Updated on: January 17th, 2023

Common Online Poker Myths

We’re here to bust some of the most widely believed Online Poker Myths! Online Poker has a massive following around the world and is loved by countless Australian players. Because the game is so popular, it is only natural that plenty of myths about Online Poker have sprung up over the years. But, is there any truth to these Poker Myths? We decided to look into them and see what the truth is.

Popular Poker Myths Explained

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Online Poker is All Luck

If you think that Online Poker is a game based on luck and nothing else, you are very much mistaken. While luck does play a role, a player’s skill also has a big effect on winning. Skilled players are able to bluff and mislead other players when they need to and understand how strong their hand is.

By having a true understanding of how strong your hand is, you will know whether to keep playing or fold. You can also use your skill to try to determine how strong other players’ hands are. However, as we said, luck still plays a part, as you need to be lucky to be dealt good cards.

Online Poker is Rigged

Players are always worried that online casino games are rigged, including Online Poker games. This is not something you need to worry about, as long as you’re signing up at a trusted casino site. Trusted casinos, like the sites we recommend, use fair Random Number Generators to determine which cards get dealt. This way, Online Poker is completely random and fair for all players.

You will Lose more Often when playing Poker Online

Another popular myth is that players will lose more often when playing Poker Online. There is actually some truth to this myth. However, it is not because the game is rigged or harder to play. It is simply because players can play more hands per hour online, than at a land-based casino.

This is because so much of the game can be automated online, that things can just happen faster.

Becoming a Poker Pro is Easy

While it is quite easy to learn how to play Poker, becoming a pro is not easy at all. It takes a lot of practice to get really good. Many people consider Poker to be a sport, as it requires similar levels of commitment and mental stamina to compete at a professional level.

If you want to become a Professional Poker player, you will need to be prepared to put in a lot of practice. But remember, not everyone is cut out to be a pro, just like any other sport.

You should only practice Poker for Free

Again, there is some truth to this myth. You should primarily focus on practising Poker for free when you can. When you play a game for real money, before you are familiar enough with the game, you run the risk of making bad decisions and losing a lot of money.

Poker Myths true or false

However, part of becoming a Pro is getting comfortable with playing for real money. So, our recommendation is to practice for free while learning the game. But then use any real money Poker game as another opportunity to practice, as this will help you gain the skills needed to stay calm when betting for real money.

Bluffing is always a smart play

Bluffing can be a very smart play and almost all Poker players will bluff at some point. However, this doesn’t mean it is a good idea to bluff all the time.

Bluffing always carries a risk that a player with a strong hand will call your bluff and beat you. You should only bluff when you feel like it will give you a good chance against players whose hands might not be that much stronger than yours.

Being a Good Poker player means you will always win

While becoming a good Poker player will mean you win more often than a new player, it does not mean that you will win every hand. As with any gambling game, there is still an element of luck. No matter how good you are, you still need to get a bit lucky with the cards being dealt. Sometimes, luck just isn’t with you and other players land up with stronger hands.

Bad Players Ruin the Game

Some Poker players think that having a bad player at the table will ruin the game, because their poor decision-making makes them more difficult to beat. Inexperienced players can make weird and unusual decisions, but a good Poker player will be able to spot this a mile away. Once you have spotted it, you should be able to easily exploit their mistakes and win.

Withdrawing your funds leads to bad Poker hands

A rather strange belief amongst some players is that if you decide to withdraw some funds from your casino account, it will lead to poor luck and bad hands in the future. However, this is definitely not true. As we mentioned, the games use a Random Number Generator to determine which cards are dealt. Nothing will affect the way the RNG works, so withdrawing funds will not negatively affect future hands.

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