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Jean Gabriel | January 4, 2023 | Updated on: January 17th, 2023

Best Texas Holdem Poker Guide Australia

Play Texas Holdem for Real Money at the best Australian Casino Sites. Texas Holdem is one of the most popular versions of Poker and probably in the entire world. As with most Poker Games, the goal of Texas Holdem is to build the best possible five-card hand and beat the other players.

Best Texas Holdem Guide Australia

Texas Holdem offers some slight variations on the traditional Poker rules. Players need to know how these rules change the gameplay experience to have the best possible experience. We have created a comprehensive Texas Holdem guide to teach new players the rules, hand rankings, and types of bets. We will help guide new players on how to play Texas Holdem like a Pro in no time!

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Texas Holdem Rules

Let us begin our Texas Holdem guide by looking into the rules of Texas Holdem. The basic aim of Texas Holdem is the same as in other popular Poker games. The player tries to build the strongest possible Poker Hand at the table and beat the other players.

The main difference players will find in Texas Hold’em is in the player cards that are dealt, as well as the community cards available to all players. There are five community cards in Texas Holdem, which all players will use to build their final hand.

Each player will be dealt two cards face-down at the beginning of each round. Players will keep their two cards secret from other players. The dealer will then deal out the five community cards face-up in the centre of the table. Players use their two cards plus three community cards to build their final hand.

Below is a further breakdown of the rules in each round of Texas Holdem Poker.

  • The dealer will give each player two cards and then deal out five community cards. The player cards are kept secret, while the community cards are face-up. The community cards are dealt in three separate rounds.
  • The game will begin with two players being forced to make mandatory Ante bets. These are made before the players receive their two cards. These Ante Bets are known as Big Blind and Small Blind.
  • Each round of Texas Holdem will have four distinct betting rounds. After receiving their hole cards, players will have their first chance to Raise, Check, Bet, or Fold. Next is the ‘River’, where the first three community cards are dealt. Then another round of betting occurs. This is then followed by The Turn and the River. Each of these will have one additional community card dealt, with a round of betting permitted for each.
  • Once the final community card has been dealt and the final bets made, players will combine their two hole cards plus three community cards to build the best possible poker hand. The strongest hand will win the pool.

How to Play Texas Holdem

Now that we have taken you through the basic rules of Texas Holdem, let’s go through our step-by-step guide. This will teach new players how to play their first few hands of Texas Holdem.

Step 1 – Blind Bets

The first step of any round of Texas Holdem is the Blinds. The player to the left of the Dealer, or button, will be the Small Blind, and the player to the left of the Small Blind is the Big Blind. These two players will be required to make a set bet before the round begins. As each hand is played, the button will move around the table so that each player will become Small and Big Blind in time. Versions of Texas Holdem will have different required bets for the Big and Small blind. As the name suggests, the Big Blind has to place a larger bet than the Small blind.

Step 2 – Hole Cards and Pre-Flop

Once the Blind Bets have been placed, each player will be dealt their two hole cards. Players can check their hole cards, but it is imperative that they keep these cards secret from other players. Once all hole cards have been dealt, the player to the left of the Big Blind is the first player to act. They can either fold, match the Big Blind, or raise. Play will then carry on around the table until to the left until all players have made their decisions.

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Step 3 – The Flop

Next, it is time for the Flop. The dealer will burn the top card on the deck and then deal out the first three community cards. Players will now look at their two hole cards and the community cards to determine the strength of their position. The first remaining player to the left of the Dealer Button is the first to bet or fold. This will continue to the left until all players have made their decisions.

Step 4 – The Turn

The dealer will burn another card before adding another card to the community cards. Another round of betting follows.

Step 5 – The River

Once again, the dealer burns a card and then adds the final community card to the table. Players now have one last opportunity to place additional bets or fold.

Step 6 – Determining the Winner

Once the final bets have been placed, players will reveal their hands, and the winner will be determined. The winner will take the entire pool of bets that have been placed during the current round.

Hand Rankings in Texas Holdem Poker

When playing Texas Holdem, there is a specific ranking to determine which hand will win. The hand rankings in Texas Holdem are the same as in any other version of Poker. If you are unfamiliar with Poker hands, we have laid them out below, from the strongest hand to the weakest.

Hand Description
Royal Flush Made up of a 10, Jack, Queen, King, and Ace from the same suit
Straight Flush A set of five sequential cards from the same suit, such as 4, 5, 6, 7, 8.
Four of a Kind A hand with four cards of the same rank. Four Aces are the strongest.
Full House A hand with three cards of the same rank, plus a pair. For example: 7, 7, 7, J, J
Flush Five cards from the same suit, but not in sequential order
Straight Any five cards in sequential order, but from different suits
Three of a Kind A Hand with three cards of the same rank
Two Pairs A Hand with two pairs of cards. For Example: 6, 6, 8, 8, J
Pair A Hand with a pair of cards of the same rank. For example: 7, 7, 2, A, 10
High Card If there is no Poker Hand, the hand with the highest-ranked single card will win.


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Betting Limits in Texas Holdem

There are three main types of betting limits found when playing Texas Holdem. These are Limit, No Limit, and Pot Limit. No Limit is by far the most popular version, with Limit the second most popular. Pot Limit is quite rare, but you might come across it from time to time. Below is an explanation of the betting limits in Texas Holdem.

  • No Limit – The most popular is Texas Holdem No Limit. As the name suggests, there is no limit to how much a player can bet. They can bet an entire stack of chips or their entire bankroll. No Limit Texas Holdem allows the player a much greater range of strategies that can be used, including bluffing.
  • Limit – The second most popular version of Texas Holdem is Limit. There are limits placed on how much players can bet. Typically, the raise is limited to twice the Big Blind. Limit Texas Holdem is great for newer players, as it generally doesn’t cost as much to play, and bankrolls last longer.
  • Pot Limit – This is the least common version found. It allows for players to raise equal to the pot amount. As the game goes on, the pot will naturally increase, allowing for larger bets later in the game. The minimum bet is the Big Blind. Pot Limit games often see large bets on strong hands, as well as a certain amount of Bluffing. Players are also less likely to keep playing with an average hand.

Texas Holdem Strategy and Tips

Texas Holdem is a great casino game, but it does take some time for players to fully learn the game and become proficient. Learning some basic tips, tricks, and strategies will go a long way to improving a new player’s experience. Below are some tips and tricks for Texas Holdem.

  • Starting Cards – Always pay special attention to your hole cards. The better your starting hand is, the more likely you will be to win the round. There is no shame in folding early, if you do not think your hand will have what it takes. Rather focus on hands you think are strong and play those.
  • Playing Position – Statistically, players win more money the later their position on the table. Remember, the order of players is based on where the button/dealer is. If you play early in a round, you should play more cautiously. The later you play, the better. You can use information from watching other players bet to make your decision.
  • Pay Attention – Always pay attention to other players during poker, even if you fold. This is more useful in a land-based poker setting but can be done online. Look for patterns in other players, watch how often they bluff, and see if you can pick up on their tells. You can use this information later to hopefully give you an advantage.
  • Bankroll Management – Do as much as you can to manage your bankroll. Make sure you have enough money available to finish your session but do not stress your finances.
  • Aggressive Play –It is important for players to limit how many hands they play and not play weak hands. You should play aggressively when you have a hand you feel is strong enough to play. This will force other players into mistakes, which improves your chances of winning.
  • Bluffing – Bluffing is when players bet as though they have a strong hand when in reality, their hand is weak. The hope is to fool other players into folding when they could have won. Most players Bluff far too often due to the way it has been portrayed in film and TV. The reality is, players should rarely Bluff. It often leads to losing. Bluff only when you think it has an almost guaranteed chance of winning.
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