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Jean Gabriel | January 12, 2023 | Updated on: January 13th, 2023

Online Pokies FAQ Guide

Get answers to all the most common Online Pokie FAQs here, with Casino Inquirer! Online Pokies are by far the most popular casino games in Australia, so new players are always looking to start spinning the reels. However, when you’re new to a particular casino game, there are always many questions.

Online Pokies FAQs

To help answer some of these questions for new Pokie players, we have gathered together all the most common Pokie FAQs in one place and answered them to the best of our abilities. So, let’s dive in and get all your Pokie questions answered!

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Most Common Online Pokie FAQs

Can I win Real Money playing Online Pokies in Australia?

Yes, you absolutely can! There would be little point in playing pokies online if you couldn’t win any money. All of our recommended casino sites offer a wide range of pokie games, all of which can be played for real money.

How do I choose which Pokies to play Online?

There is no perfect way to choose which pokie game to play. Our suggestion is to find pokie games with a theme you find fun and attractive. Also take a look at the game features, as well as the RTP. The higher the RTP, the better your chances of winning. While we all want to win, playing pokies should always be fun, so find the pokies you enjoy the most, a higher RTP is a bonus.

How do I win every spin in Online Pokies?

There is no way to guarantee a win after every spin when playing Online Pokies. It is still gambling, after all. The only way to do that would be to somehow hack the game, which is very illegal.

Can I play Free Online Pokies in Australia?

Yes, you can. All of our recommended casino sites allow players to test out a pokie game for free, before making real money bets. Playing for free allows you to test out a range of pokie games and find the pokies you enjoy the most. Once you’re ready to start placing real money bets, it is just one click to change over to playing for real money.

Can I cheat in Online Pokies?

The short answer is no. While there are technical ways you could, these are extremely difficult. Not to mention very illegal and will land you in prison. So no, there is no real way to cheat when playing online pokies.

FAQs for Pokie Games

Are Online Pokies safe to play?

Generally speaking, yes, Online Pokies are safe to play. However, never take this for granted. Always make sure you sign up at a safe and trusted casino site. This not only ensures the site will treat you properly, but that the pokie games will come from trusted developers with fair and random results.

Do Online Slots pay more at night?

This is a popular myth amongst players. If you were to look at the times that most jackpot wins take place, you will probably see that most of these happen at night. However, this is because night time is when the highest number of players are gambling. It is not because your odds of winning are better at night.

Can I tell if a Pokie is hit a big win?

No, there is no way to tell if a Pokie is about to hit its jackpot. The results of each spin are completely random and are completely independent of previous spins. As such, there are no signs that a win is coming.

How do I win big when playing Pokies Online?

Winning big payouts in online Pokies involved landing a number of winning symbols on an active payline. The more winning symbols and the higher value these symbols are the bigger your win. However, there is no way to influence which symbols land on the paylines. So, just sit back, relax, spin the reels, and hope for the best.

Can you win the jackpot while placing the minimum bet?

This depends on the pokie you are playing. For pokies with progressive jackpots, you might need to place the max bet to qualify for the full jackpot. However, for fixed jackpot slots, you do not need to place any specific bet. The jackpot will be something like 10 000x your bet. So, if you place the minimum bet, you will still win the 10 000x jackpot, but you will get less than if you had a larger bet.

How do Online Pokies work?

Online Pokies work the same way as any other slot machine, even those in a land-based casino. The games use a Random Number generator to select which symbols will land on the reels, and what position they will be in. This way, the results of each spin are completely random.

How many paylines can I bet on in Online Pokies?

This depends on which Pokie you are playing. Some classic Pokie games will have a small number of paylines. This could be one, or it could be five. Then the number of paylines goes up, including 15, 15, 50, 100 and more. There are even some pokies that offer 2048 ways to win.

Does placing the maximum bet in Online Pokies increase my chance of winning?

Typically, it does not, no. The odds of most pokies are set, and changing the size of your bet does not improve your odds of landing a win.

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