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Jean Gabriel | January 13, 2023 | Updated on: January 17th, 2023

Popular Video Poker Myths in Australia

There are plenty of Video Poker myths that have spread around the Internet. This is to be expected with any popular casino game, as players think they figure out aspects of the game and spread it around. However, the question is whether there is any truth to these Video Poker myths, or if you are better off completely ignoring them. If they’re not true, believing them could cause you to have a worse experience when playing Video Poker. So, let’s have a look at some of the most common Video Poker myths and see if they are fact or fiction.

Video Poker Myths Explained

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Common Myths in Video Poker

There are always superstitions and myths surrounding games of chance. Below are the ten most popular Video Poker myths we have come across. Let’s see if they are true or false.

Wait for the Big Payout that is Due

When it comes to games of chance, like Video Poker, so many players seem to believe the game keeps track of when it last paid out big, and this somehow influences the odds. This is simply not true. Each and every round is completely random and independent of previous rounds. As such, there is no way you can deduce if a Video Poker game is about to payout.

Online Casinos Control the Video Poker’s RTP

This myth is especially popular with players dealing with a string of bad luck, believing that the casino changed the odds so they couldn’t win anymore. Fortunately for us players, the casino sites have zero influence over the RTP and the odds and cannot change them. These are set by the game developer, and the game is then regulated with those odds to make sure it is fair. Some game developers might develop several different paytables for a version of Video Poker with different payouts. This allows the casino to decide which paytable they prefer, which does affect the RTP, but it cannot be changed on the fly.

Hot and Cold Video Poker Machines

Just like with Online Pokies, many players believe Hot and Cold Video Poker machines exist. Once again, this is just not true. The games all use a random number generator to decide which cards will be dealt. At times, it will seem like really good hands are being dealt, making someone think the machine is hot. But it is nothing more than random chance. The same goes for Cold machines; it is just random bad luck that weak cards are being dealt.

Placing the Maximum Bet is a Must in Video Poker

There is some truth to this one. However, do not place the maximum bet if you can’t afford it. But, some Video Poker paytables have an RTP in excess of 100% when placing the maximum bet. This is because there is such a large payout for hands like a Royal Flush, that it actually gives players a slight advantage in the long run. But, most casino sites shy away from using these paytables, and unless you land a Royal Flush, it’s not going to make much difference to you.

Video Poker Games payout More/Less on Weekends or Holidays

This is a bit of a weird one, some players believe Video Poker games pay out more on Weekends or Holidays, while others believe the games pay out less. Neither is true, as the date and day of the week play no part in the odds of winning. We’re not even sure where the myth that the games pay out less came from.

We can see how people could believe the games pay out more on weekends. This is because more players are likely to be playing on weekends and holidays, which will ultimately lead to more wins. But this is just because more people are playing, not because the odds are favouring weekend play.

You can Make a Living playing Video Poker

If you’re looking to make a living, you should play Online Poker, instead of Video Poker. The results in Video Poker are far more random and inconsistent, and your own skill cannot improve your chances of winning. For these reasons, we’re going to say that it is a myth that you can make a living playing Video Poker.

Video Poker Games are unfair and Rigged

As long as you play at a trusted and regulated casino site, like the casinos we recommend, you will not be playing rigged Video Poker games. Our recommended casinos are fully licensed and regulated, using games from trusted developers. This ensures the results are random and fair. However, if you do not take the time to ensure the casino is safe, you could land up playing rigged games.

You Shouldn’t worry about checking the Paytable

We strongly disagree with this myth. Your first stop should always be checking the paytable. This will tell you exactly what hands you need to land to qualify for a payout, as well as what the payouts are for each hand. Always check the paytable, and make sure you’re using a sound strategy to give you the best chance of winning.

Video poker is a very hard Casino Game to play

While Video Poker is not the easiest casino game to play, it is certainly not hard to learn. It does take some practice and skill but is simpler to play than some versions of Online Poker.

Video Poker Games with a 100% RTP mean you are guaranteed to win

Some variants of Video Poker can potentially use a paytable that offers an RTP over 100%. Some players think that if they play those games, they are guaranteed to win. However, this is not the case. This 100%+ RTP is because the maximum bet with a Royal Flush technically gives the player an edge in the very long run. There are no guarantees that you will walk away a winner. In addition, most casino sites avoid paytables that include an RTP in excess of 100%.

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